How Personalized Bundles Empowered Loaded's Back-End Operations

Learn how the supplements brand Loaded uses customization to stay ahead of the competition.

How Personalized Bundles Empowered Loaded's Back-End Operations
Dan Dommer, Owner and CEO of Loaded, standing behind containers of protein in Loaded's warehouse.


  • LoadedShop (more commonly known as Loaded) says they saw improved customer satisfaction.
  • Their bundles went live in 1 week between Loaded’s rebrand and the updated Shopify theme.
  • Once the bundles went live, Loaded marketed them heavily to its customers in various ways, resulting in an AOV increase of 11%. As we included in our previous blog, we wrote about how marketing is important to the success of bundles.
“When you allow customers to pick and choose, you get a happier customer. When they can pick and choose for the same price as if they bought a whole box, they feel like they’re getting a good deal. And when people feel they get a good deal, they come back. I would say that's what's business all about—happy customers.”
- Dan Dommer, Owner and CEO of Loaded

What is Loaded?

Loaded is one of Scandinavia's leading webshops in terms of innovation and customer service, which is reflected in their customers' reviews and the overall UE. Loaded sells clothing, training accessories, and protein and supplements for fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Before Dan’s focus fell on ecommerce, he demonstrated his zeal for fitness by owning a gym where he trained himself and sold supplements and clothing. Over time, he opted to sell the gym, but his commitment to the health and wellness industry persisted, leading him to open his ecommerce store in the early 2000s.

“If you can work with your passion, you’re blessed,” Dan told the Simple Bundles team.

However, the supplements industry has grown a lot since Dan first started, and today there are over 29,000 different dietary supplements available to consumers.

As the industry becomes more competitive, Dan realizes that offering a good customer experience is essential to stand out. One way he does this is by allowing customers to build product bundles and customize them by their preferred flavors, making the shopping experience more personalized and enjoyable.

“Times change, and with the inflation, people don’t have that much disposable money. There are more flavors to choose from, so as a service to the customers, we needed to offer the option to mix flavors instead of selling a box of the same six or 12 flavors,” said Dan. “We let customers discover their favorites for a reasonable price.”

Let’s review Loaded’s bundles and why they work for this fitness brand.

Overview: Loaded’s bundles

In 2022, Dan joined the Simple Bundles team for our Infinite Options bundles. Also called mix-and-match bundles, customers can personalize their orders by selecting from a range of options—with no limitations to the product variants.

With Simple Bundle’s Infinite Options feature, Loaded offers an impressive 262,144 bundle variants, ensuring every customer can build a bundle that suits their unique needs and preferred flavors.

“Customers who are shopping for supplements will appreciate trying flavors and will, without any doubts, have a better experience.”
- Dan Dommer, Owner and CEO of Loaded
A screenshot of Loaded's webpage for customers to mix items themselves.

Aside from searching for a specific bundle feature, Loaded also needed to ensure three main improvements to their shopping experience. They collaborated closely with the Simple Bundles team to ensure the feasibility of these requirements.

Improvements to Loaded’s store

We assisted Dan in making the necessary improvements and successfully launched Loaded's bundles within a week. Let's review the three requests he asked Simple Bundles to help with.

1. Bypassing Shopify’s 100 variant limit

Creating the complex bundle options that Loaded offers wouldn’t be possible for Dan to do on Shopify—as the platform limits merchants to just 100 variants and three options.

However, with Simple Bundles, some of Loaded's bundles feature six dropdown options with eight variants each, requiring a whopping 262,144 combinations to be created.

Fortunately, Simple Bundles makes it easy to offer this level of customization. And when customers check out, the infinite options are broken down and displayed as separate line items, ensuring that each item in the bundle is accurately reflected in the final order.

A screenshot of Loaded's checkout page, showing how it breaks down all of the individual items in a bundle so the customer can see everything they ordered.

2. Easier fulfillment

One of the biggest challenges brands face with offering mix-and-match bundles is the logistics of fulfilling many order combinations.

Loaded is no exception.

With so many different options for customers, Dan and his team needed an efficient way to break down the bundles into individual items for packing and shipping. This is where Simple Bundles proves to be an invaluable tool.

For example, customers can choose six pairs of different chocolate bars from eight different options. Simple Bundles then breaks down these orders into individual items, making it easy for the fulfillment team to pick and pack each order with precision.

This means offering customers an incredible level of customization without sacrificing efficiency or accuracy in the fulfillment process.

A screenshot of Loaded's product description page, showing how you can choose various options when building your bundle.

3. Customized UX/UI

When Dan approached us to create his mix-and-match bundle options, we worked closely with him to ensure that the dropdowns were customized exactly to his specifications.

While the default option for Simple Bundles is a set of basic dropdowns, you can also incorporate radio buttons or other types of selectors. We are also always happy to customize the solution to match branding requirements.

We created a custom look for Dan that matches Loaded’s theme and display preferences for his Swedish and Danish shops. The team wanted their bundles to fit in seamlessly with their website theme and display preferences, so we did some custom work to ensure Loaded’s bundle options looked and functioned exactly as Dan envisioned.

Why Simple Bundles?

According to Dan, one of the main reasons he partnered with Simple Bundles is because of the support.

“I spoke with Basil [co-founder of Simple Bundles], and he is extremely innovative and good at what he does. Bit by bit, we found a solution to what I needed, and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to work with them,” he said.

The solution Dan is referring to is when he decided to rebrand his website from BodyOutlet AB to Loaded, which involved changing the Shopify theme. As a result of this change, Dan needed to collaborate with the Simple Bundles team to ensure that his bundles aligned with the new theme.

Many of our customers often seek our help with customization when they move from one ecommerce platform to another or when they switch to a new theme. Our support team is available 24/7 and 365 days per year, and Dan's team took advantage of this to effectively create his bundles.

Note: our technical support team comprises two teams: T1 for general inquiries and T2 for technical issues and theme requests. Brands can rely on our competent and skilled team for any assistance.

A final tip for supplement brands

Simple and sweet, Dan’s final tip to brands is to “use Simple Bundles.”

Whether you’re in the fitness industry or not, gone are the days when building bundles is complicated.

With unlimited variant options through Simple Bundles, brands can provide their customers an unparalleled level of customization and choice, making their shopping experience truly unique.

Visit us at Simple Bundles to learn more, or install Simple Bundles for FREE on the Shopify app store.

“I'm confident that the customer experience is improved as shoppers can pick and choose between the flavors.”
- Dan Dommer, Owner and CEO of Loaded