How to Sell Product Bundles on the Shop Channel

Exciting News: Product bundles are now compatible with Shop!

How to Sell Product Bundles on the Shop Channel

During the Shopify Editions announcement on June 24, a game-changing update was revealed: Product bundles are finally compatible with Shop.

This means you can now effortlessly sell all your bundles on Shop, boosting your bundle sales with just a click of the publish button.

For merchants, this new feature opens up an exciting new channel for discovery and audience building. Use your bundles not only to increase visibility but also to boost your Average Order Value (AOV). 

Let’s talk about how to set up the Simple Bundles Mini on your Shop channel.

What's Shop?

Shopify's Shop sales channel provides a seamless mobile experience to your customers without you needing to build one. It has a network of over 125 million customers which means you can drive more traffic to your store and bundles! 📈

What's a Shop Mini?

Shop Minis allow Shopify apps to integrate their features directly into the Shop app, much like how apps in the Shopify App Store enhance your online storefront. These Minis extend the functionality of your online store within the Shop app, making it easier to manage and optimize your business.

With the Simple Bundles Shop Mini, you can create bundles—a set of two or more related products, often offered at a discount. By installing the Simple Bundles app, you can sell these bundles through both your Online Store and the Shop channel.

Benefits of selling bundles on Shop

Selling bundles can offer several advantages:

  • Increase Your Average Order Value: Encourage customers to buy more by offering bundled products.
  • Provide Curated Value: Deliver a thoughtful selection of products to your customers.
  • Pass Along Discounts: Offer attractive deals to your customers through bundled pricing.
  • Clear Out Old Inventory: Move older stock faster by including it in bundles.
  • Drive More Visibility: Enhance the visibility of your products by promoting them in bundles

How do I start selling bundles on Shop?

With the Simple Bundles Shop Mini, you'll be able to grow your bundle sales and increase AOV on a new sales channel, while streamlining your fulfillment processes by breaking down bundles into their child items.

Simple Bundles also allows you to create infinite options bundles to surpass Shopify's limitations of 100 variants and 3 options per product. 

To start selling bundles on Shop, go to Bundle availability on Shop in your settings page and select Publish on Shop. (Note there are certain requirements that your store must meet for your products to be displayed on Shop.)

You can manage sales channel settings for each product individually or in bulk from your Shopify admin. You can also set product availability by channel in bulk by selecting multiple bundles in your bundles list on Simple Bundles and selecting Bulk edit on Shopify.

Installing the Simple Bundles Shop Mini

If you already have the Simple Bundles app, you'll automatically have the Simple Bundles Mini on your Shop store. If you're new to Simple Bundles, you can install Simple Bundles from the Shopify app store or follow these steps to install the Simple Bundles Shop Mini.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to the menu bar > Sales channels
  2. Navigate to Shop > Minis
  3. Click Add next to the Simple Bundles Shop Mini

We're just getting started and have more in store for our Shop Mini. If you’re looking for more info to set up your bundles on Shop, here’s an help doc with more info

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