Mother’s Day Product Bundles You Can Build In Under 5 Minutes

Let’s peek at some Mother’s Day bundle examples to inspire you.

Mother’s Day Product Bundles You Can Build In Under 5 Minutes
Image from Chez Gagne.

Spring is in the air, meaning Mother’s Day is right around the corner. And what’s the perfect gift? Anything in a bundle, of course!

But in all seriousness, bundling products makes purchasing a gift easy for your customers (while still benefitting you). From a relaxing bath bundle to a skincare set, you take the work away from the customer to create a realistic gift.

Plus, did you know some brands have increased revenue by 15% to 20% from bundles alone? 

Creating a successful bundle requires strategy and creativity. So, let’s peek at some Mother’s Day bundle examples to inspire you.

Multi-pack favorite products to spoil someone 

Regarding special occasions like Mother's Day, flower shops have been nailing the multi-pack strategy for ages. Take FiftyFlowers, for example:

Screenshot of Fifty Flowers' mother day 100 roses bundle on its website

How can you take a cue from their playbook and apply it to any product category?

Take a peek at your sales data and uncover which products sell most during Mother’s Day. 

Then, get creative with how to turn those hot sellers into irresistible multi-packs. With a dedicated product bundle landing page, you can sell the value of the bundle and keep track of the page’s analytics to improve upon next year.

Custom buy-more-save-more bundles

Creating a customized bundle is a no-brainer for products that are one-size-fits-all but offer different variants. Products like makeup or even food provide good examples of easy customization. 

At the same time, you can incentivize a higher average order value with a discount for customers who purchase the bundle versus the items individually. For example, check out Glossier and its 'Makeup Set.' 

With this gem, customers can handpick the shades in the set, which is especially important for products that cater to different preferences or skin tones.

Screenshot of Glossier's The Makeup Set product bundle on its website.

Keep it simple with a cross-sell bundle

If you don’t want to add customization, you can keep gifting simple by pairing complementary products.

Imagine offering a selection of skincare essentials alongside a silk sleep mask, creating the ultimate self-care package. Not only does this cater to customers looking for a relaxing gift, but it also presents an opportunity for cross-selling.

For example, someone purchasing a skincare bundle might want to add a matching scented candle or a plush robe to complete their gift. By strategically bundling products that naturally complement each other, you're enhancing the customer's shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of them exploring additional offerings from your store. 

It's all about guiding your customers to discover the perfect combination of products that fulfills their needs and leaves them delighted with their purchase.

Genuine Tea Co.’s Matcha Set is an excellent example of a cross-selling bundle. Since they sell matcha, why not add a whisk, scoop, dosing tool, and tote? 

Screenshot of Genuine Tea Co's Organic Matcha Wellness Bundle on its website.

You don’t have to add discounts

Sometimes, it's about convenience and personalization rather than just giving away discounts from the get-go. Take, for instance, Four All Ice Cream’s “pick your own ice cream” bundle

With an astonishing 130,000 bundle combinations, customers can tailor their ice cream to their liking, whether they're craving classic flavors or adventurous blends. 

Screenshot of Four All Ice Cream's Pick Your Own Ice Cream Bundle on its website.

This simplifies purchasing and empowers customers to create something uniquely theirs. 

In this case, the appeal isn't just about getting a discount; it's about crafting an experience as delightful as it is delicious.

Bonus: Offer custom packaging or holiday add-ons

Think about adding a beautiful Mother’s Day card or wrapping everything up in themed boxes. 

This simple touch makes a big difference because merchants can use existing items while giving products a festive twist—without slashing prices.

It’s easy for brands to assemble and makes your customers feel like they’re gifting something thoughtful. Take this ‘New Mama’ gift set from Chez Gagné, for example, which comes with a letterpress card that says “Super Mom”:

Screenshot of Chez Gagne's New Mama bundle on its website.

Build anticipation with a “notify me” call-to-action

We talked about a few strategies for bundles, but what if you haven't had the chance to put together your bundles just yet? 

Even if your bundles aren't ready for Mother’s Day, you can keep your customers in the loop and build excitement by teasing them with a “notify me” call-to-action. 

Inviting customers to sign up for notifications keeps them engaged and ensures they're the first to know when your special Mother's Day bundles go live, and strategically grows your email list at the same time.

So, if you're still putting the finishing touches on your bundles, don't miss out on this opportunity to build anticipation and foster a sense of exclusivity, just like The Beauty Crop does:

Screenshot of product bundles that are out of stock with a "Notify Me" CTA

Don’t stop bundling products after Mother’s Day

Mother's Day might be the perfect time to showcase your creativity with thoughtful gift bundles but don’t limit yourself to just one holiday.

From birthdays to anniversaries, there’s always a gift to purchase for someone. Adding a ‘Gifts’ section on your website can appeal to everyone year-round.

We love this example from Bruny Island Co., which allows customers to build a cheese hamper with different varieties.

Screenshot of a product bundle called "Build Your Own Cheese Hamper" where customers and select their cheese types.

Or Chonky Co., which allows customers to build a box of 6 different types of cookies.

Screenshot of Chonky Co's Pick and Mix Cookie Box.

In addition to pre-set popular multi-packs, customers can choose to personalize their whole experience.

Boost sales for Mother’s Day (and every day)

We've covered a lot of bundling inspiration for Mother's Day, but don’t let it stop there. You can explore many more product bundle examples that will keep your bundle strategy going all year. 

If you’re looking for a reliable partner to set up bundles quickly, try Simple Bundles on the Shopify app store. Our free tier allows you to create three bundle types.