The Best Shopify Apps Loved by Executives from 7 Shopify Plus Brands

We meticulously gathered insights from industry experts, including interviews with seven prominent Shopify Plus brands.

The Best Shopify Apps Loved by Executives from 7 Shopify Plus Brands

The best Shopify apps aren’t easy to discover when there are over 7,000 available in the app store today.

Yes, 7,000 apps for you to choose from.

We meticulously gathered insights from industry experts, including interviews with seven prominent Shopify Plus brands. Through our in-depth research, we have curated a list of the top 18 best Shopify apps to increase sales.

But here's the twist—we aren't just highlighting the usual suspects. While we cover some well-known apps, we also focus on uncovering hidden gems that have proven indispensable to these brands' growth.

You’ll discover apps across the entire tech stack in our list, from reviews to bundles, analytics, and shipping.

If you're a Shopify or Shopify Plus merchant seeking to accelerate growth, streamline operations, or overcome the platform's limitations, our curated list of the best Shopify apps is your gateway to success.

Apps we'll cover:

1. Three Ships

Established in 2017, Three Ships is a skincare brand that prides itself on being natural and cruelty-free. With a strong commitment to crafting affordable yet highly effective beauty products, the brand aims to deliver effective skincare solutions that anyone can enjoy.

How Three Ships evaluates apps for its tech stack:

“First, through reviews in the Shopify app store. If the app is higher cost ($100+ per month), I'll vet it in a Slack community I'm a part of with other ecommerce operators to see if they have used it and what their experience is like. If the app has a free trial, I'll download it, do the setup quickly, and see if it fits what we need it for,”

- Laura Burget, Co-Founder of Three Ships.

Lifetimely customer behavior analytics

Lifetimely is a customer behavior data and analytics platform that provides merchants with month-to-month LTV projections.

  • Type: Marketing - customer analytics and profit calculator
  • Why Three Ships uses it: “Lifetimely helps us do fast cohort analysis to see what marketing activations drive high-value customers. It also provides a daily snapshot of the prior day's performance, including net profit, return on ad spend, and blended customer per acquisition cost. This is an app that every store should have and it's also great value.”
  • Key features: Custom dashboards, behavior analytics, daily profit and loss, predictive LTV modeling, benchmarks, and more.
  • Pricing: Starting at $34 per month. There are three pricing tiers available.
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial.
  • Integrations available: Shopify, Magento, TikTok, Klaviyo, Shipbob, Shipstation, Recharge, Google Analytics, and more. (See all integrations.)

Octane AI customer insights

Octane AI is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to personalize customer experiences. With it, merchants can collect valuable data through quizzes and Insights Analysis, and then create customized experiences throughout the entire customer journey.

  • Type: Marketing - AI quizzes and insights
  • Why Three Ships uses it: “Octane AI is an amazing app for our skincare category since it's super customizable and allows us to build dozens of skin profiles. We see great results from this quiz: conversion rates are over 12% for customers that take the quiz with an 85%+ completion rate.”
  • Key features: There are two main solutions: the quiz builder (an onsite quiz that asks questions and leverages AI to recommend products) and Insights Analysis (import your product reviews and use AI to deliver a research-based report in minutes).
  • Pricing: Starting at $50 per month. Pricing is suggested by your annual revenue.
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial.
  • Integrations available: Shopify, Klaviyo, Attentive, Google Analytics, Zapier, Alloy, and more.

Gorgias helpdesk

Gorgias is one of the top customer service apps for Shopify. This well-known helpdesk is on a mission to empower ecommerce businesses to deliver top-notch customer experiences. By centralizing 1:1 interactions with customers across various channels, brands can review customer data and efficiently respond in a single dashboard.

  • Type: Helpdesk - Chat and support ticket management
  • Why Three Ships uses it: “Gorgias is how we manage all of our tickets, which allows us to be really efficient since our customer support team has set up templates and auto-fill answers for about 80% of the tickets that come in.”
  • Key features: Centralized 1:1 interactions across channels like email, live chat, social media, SMS, and more. Additionally, you can view customer data in a sidebar, easily manage orders, and use automation to quickly respond to common questions.
  • Pricing: Starting at $10 per month. There are five pricing tiers.
  • Free trial: 7-day free trial.
  • Integrations available: Gorgias has a large marketplace of integrations, including Shopify, Magento, Klaviyo, Attentive, Recharge, Okendo, Daasity, Loop, Shipbob, and many others across the entire tech stack.
“All of these apps have been scalable, which is why they’re the ones I can’t live without.”

- Laura Burget, Co-Founder, Three Ships

2. Pease Doors

Pease Doors sells exactly what you’d think: doors of all kinds for your home, including the entryway, interior, screen, and patio doors. The brand’s mission is to modernize the door industry with good prices, great customer service, and a commitment to quality.

Simple Bundles

Simple Bundles is an innovative bundling application crafted to enhance the efficiency of fulfillment, inventory tracking, and shipping for your product bundles. Using Simple Bundles' versatile range of bundle types, including single-SKU, multi-SKU, and infinite options, you gain the power to create dynamic mix-and-match bundles, multi-packs, subscription bundles, enticing bundle deals, volume discounts, wholesale packs, and countless other offerings—without the need for any coding expertise.

  • Type: Marketing and logistics - product bundles and fulfilling orders
  • Why Pease Doors uses it: “Simple Bundles has been a gamechanger for our business… We tried every bundles app available and Simple Bundles had the best interface. It was super straightforward to create a bundle,” said David Pease, owner of Pease Doors.
  • Key features: Efficiently manage bundles across multiple locations to optimize shipping costs, ensure timely delivery, and track stock levels of bundle contents separately, preventing inventory shortages and overselling.
  • Pricing: There are three tiers: a free plan, the Pro Plan is $24 per month, and the Shopify Plus plan is $99 per month.
  • Free trial: Free plan available
  • Integrations available: Shopify, ShipStation, ReCharge, subscription apps, Infinite Options, POS (point of sale), Amazon by Codisto, and more.

Pease Doors places a strong emphasis on bundles due to the unique nature of their product. Rather than just selling individual doors, their customers require complete door kits carefully selected to match their chosen door.

With significant variations in fit for each product, Pease Doors expertly curates these bundles, making it convenient for customers to select their desired options. Using Simple Bundles with a Slide Cart to sell bundles, Pease Doors allows customers to add bundles to their cart with one click.


This small change drove a take rate increase of 5-10% and an AOV increase of $50. Additionally, by reducing friction in the shopping experience, Pease Doors’ monthly revenue increased by $20-50K.

“Bundles are the biggest opportunity for us. It’s like building a burrito bowl at Chipotle. We want to sell doors bundled with glass, locks, hinges, etc. all together to our customers but we also need them to be unbundled as SKUs. Even really large companies like Home Depot and Lowe’s really struggle with bundling.”

- David Pease, owner of Pease Doors

Zonos Duty and Tax

Zonos simplifies cross-border selling by providing automated solutions for cross-border tax compliance. The platform’s suite of tools includes guaranteed landed cost calculations, duty and tax collection, VAT threshold monitoring, in-country tax registration and remittance (such as UK VAT and IOSS), and seamless reconciliation processes.

  • Type: Cross-border logistics and accounting
  • Why Pease Doors uses it: Pease Doors is based in Cincinnati. Zonos helps them prepay duties to make it easier to ship internationally to countries like Canada.
  • Key features: Zonos handle non-resident tax schemes for you, including registration, remittance, and reconciliation.
  • Pricing: Starting at $208.33 per month.
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial.
  • Integrations available: Shopify, Shipstation, FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, USPS, ShipperHQ, Salesforce, and other integrations available.

3. Beardbrand

Based in Austin, Texas, Beardbrand is a distinguished men's grooming company. Specializing in a wide range of products, Beardbrand offers solutions for grooming, styling, and maintaining beards, hair, skin, and mustaches.

How Beardbrand evaluates apps for its tech stack:

“Generally, we identify a problem we're having and look towards solutions. We'll then see how much the cost is to develop ourselves or to solve the problem with other methods. If none of those are feasible, we'll consider the cost of the app and how much additional savings or revenue it can generate. Ideally, it'd need to be at least 10x return on what we spend,”

- Eric Bandholz, Founder of Beardbrand. reviews is a product reviews app focused on helping ecommerce stores collect and display product and store reviews and other user-generated content.

  • Type: Marketing - product reviews and UGC
  • Why Beardbrand uses it: It’s affordable, easy to use, and provides social proof.
  • Key features: There are two key products: reviews and checkout comments. Reviews let you collect and display product and store reviews. Checkout comments let you show a field for customers to leave comments at checkout, which you can review and select key responses to display on product pages.
  • Pricing: is $15 per month. This gives you additional features that the free plan doesn’t offer.
  • Free trial: offers a free plan.
  • Integrations available: offers a variety of integrations with each plan. You can review all categories—from marketing to shipping—in its app marketplace.

Grapevine surveys

Grapevine is a post-purchase survey app for Shopify brands to gather insights and monitor ad performance.

  • Type: Marketing - feedback and surveys
  • Why Beardbrand uses it: “Grapevine allows us to get another point of data for our marketing efforts by asking where customers first heard about us.”
  • Key features: You can set up new vs returning post-purchase surveys on the order status page. Grapevine offers unlimited responses, no branding, and a dashboard to analyze responses.
  • Pricing: There is one payment plan at $25 per month.
  • Free trial: 28-day free trial.
  • Integrations available: Shopify, Recharge, Klaviyo, Google Analytics.
“There are always trade-offs with all apps, even ones you custom build. Sometimes you love the app and it does everything you need, and sometimes you're constantly swearing about how much an app bugs you. That is the life of apps. Nothing is perfect, but find the one that gets you 95% of the way there and focus your energies on other problems.”

- Eric Bandholz, Founder of Beardbrand

4. Youthforia

Believing makeup should be an extension of your skincare, Youthforia is known as “makeup you can sleep in.” Ever since its launch, the brand has focused on cleanliness and sustainability. Their makeup is designed to act like skincare and is even tested by wearing it overnight.

How Youthforia evaluates apps for its tech stack: Simply put, Fion Co Chan, the Founder of Youthforia, expressed, "For us, it's all about enhancing the customer experience."

Okendo reviews

Okendo is a customer review and marketing platform that specializes in collecting and showcasing customer feedback and reviews. It provides businesses with tools to gather and manage customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials, which can be displayed on their websites, social media channels, and other marketing materials.

  • Type: Marketing - product reviews and social proof
  • Why Youthforia uses it: Customer reviews are table stakes, and Fiona finds Okendo’s platform easy to use.
  • Key features: Okendo’s smart review capture form that streamlines the review submission process, minimizes friction and prompts for target content. You can also leverage personalized review requests, photo and video reviews, and ratings.
  • Pricing: Starting at $119 per month. There are four pricing tiers.
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial.
  • Integrations available: Okendo has 50+ integrations, including Gorgias, Attentive, Klaviyo, and LoyaltyLion.

Klaviyo email marketing

Klaviyo is a popular email marketing and automation platform designed specifically for ecommerce businesses. It enables businesses to create targeted email and SMS campaigns, automate customer communications, and track various metrics to optimize marketing efforts.

  • Type: Marketing - automation
  • Why Youthforia uses it: Fiona’s favorite part of Klaviyo is how seamless the app is for segmenting customers for tailored campaigns and flows.
  • Key features: Klaviyo has three core products: email, SMS, and push notifications. All of these communication methods are powered by deep customer insights that brands can use to segment and target each campaign.
  • Pricing: Starting at $45 per month.
  • Free trial: Free plan available.
  • Integrations available: Klaviyo has 300+ integrations available across all app types. Some notable ones include Gorgias, Recharge, Loop, Typeform, Marsello, and Shipbob.
“These apps are so important because they help us communicate with as well as get feedback from our customers.”

- Fiona Co Chan, Founder and CEO of Youthforia

5. Industry West

Industry West specializes in industrial modern and mid-century furniture and decor, featuring bold designs that are reasonably priced and easily accessible. On the website, consumers can easily shop for furniture for every room in their house.

How Industry West evaluates apps for its tech stack:

I like working with software that’s responsive on the dev side. Even if it's a relatively new app, as long as the dev team and founders are really responsive to feedback, I'm excited to grow with their company,”

- Ian Leslie, CMO at Industry West.

Nibble AI chat

Nibble is an AI-based chatbot for ecommerce that lets customers make an offer on the product page for instant results. With it, brands decrease browse abandonment and drive more conversions.

  • Type: Marketing - Custom pricing and quotes
  • Why Industry West uses it: “One reason I love working with Nibble is because they have been able to turn feedback around in hours before, which is really cool.”
  • Key features: With Nibble, you can nudge undecided shoppers with a livechat to engage shoppers on specific product pages. Choose what pages Nibble lives on and set your minimum and maximum discount rates.
  • Pricing: Starting at $129 per month.
  • Free trial: Free plan available.
  • Integrations available: Shopify. is an online platform that specializes in collecting text and video reviews for brands. Businesses can easily gather feedback from their customers and showcase positive reviews to build trust and credibility.

  • Type: Marketing - product reviews
  • Why Industry West uses it: “In terms of functionality, ease of use, and price point, has been great so far. It just runs itself and is way more affordable than some competitors.”
  • Key features: enables businesses to request reviews, use customizable review widgets, and moderate reviews. The platform also offers analytics and reporting to track online reputation and customer sentiment.
  • Pricing: Starting at $89 per month.
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial.
  • Integrations available: Klaviyo, Omnisend, Gorgias, Instagram, Attentive, and many more you can review on’s integration page.

Triple Whale customer analytics

Triple Whale is an AI data platform for ecommerce brands. The platform lets you easily manage and automate analytics, attribution, merchandising, forecasting, and more.

  • Type: Marketing - analytics
  • Why Industry West uses it: “Triple Whale is one I can’t live without. I love how it aggregates my ad spend, profitability, and missed opportunities. I use it more than Google Analytics.”
  • Key features: Pre-built reporting and analysis for reviewing all customer data in one dashboard.
  • Pricing: Starting at $100 per month. There are four pricing tiers available.
  • Free trial: None.
  • Integrations available: Shopify, Knocommerce, Gorgias, Klaviyo, and more.

6. Range Leather

Quality is the most important product value for Range Leather, a US-based leather store selling wallets, bags, hats, and other accessories. The brand is known for using traditional leather working techniques, including hand saddle stitching and burnishing, to produce leather goods built to stand the test of time.

How Range Leather evaluates apps for its tech stack:

“I typically look for 3 things when evaluating apps to use: user experience, reviews, and clear ROI. User experience is important because I don’t want to waste a bunch of time fumbling through disorganized screens or reports when I know exactly what I’m trying to do. When diving into reviews I’m specifically looking for what people say about the support team (speed, helpfulness, etc.) and some common bugs to be aware of. If user experience and reviews checkout, I’ll do some quick math to estimate an ROI either with revenue itself or opportunity cost of my or my team’s time,”

- Tim Aton, COO at Range Leather.

KNO post survey surveys

KnoCommerce is a specialized provider of survey integrations designed specifically for ecommerce businesses. Using their powerful tools, brands can effectively gather valuable customer feedback, posing questions like "How did you discover us?" and "How was your purchasing experience?" These surveys are conducted over 100,000 daily, allowing businesses to gain crucial insights into customer preferences and satisfaction levels.

  • Type: Marketing - post-purchase surveys
  • Why Range Leather uses it: “There are two big reasons Kno is a must-have app for us: Attribution verification and marketing messaging. Kno makes it super easy for customers to tell us where and when they first heard about us, which cuts through the noise of all the reporting platforms. I also ask customers why they chose to buy, and their responses can be pulled into ad hooks, landing pages, email flows, and CRO updates. We have a 50% response rate for our post-purchase surveys.”
  • Key features: Pre- and post-purchase surveys with powerful reporting, 12 different question types, and 60+ data points.
  • Pricing: Starting at $99 per month.
  • Free trial: Free plan available.
  • Integrations available: Shopify, Klaviyo, and TripleWhale.
“The Kno team has worked very hard to continue to add value over time. We’ve been able to get access to beta tools, new insight reports, and their plan pricing is totally affordable for scale. The impact is 5/5.”
- Tim Aton, COO at Range Leather.

Junip reviews

Junip is a review and user-generated content app for 3,000+ brands, including Olipop, Homesick, and Not Pot. Junip’s review widgets are fast and automatically match your branding out of the box.

  • Type: Marketing - product reviews
  • Why Range Leather uses it: “Junip is a must-have app for us because it has all the features you need in a reviews app without any of the fuss. Easy to use UI, all the features you need, no confusing contracts. I especially like their built-in review ask system that plays nice with Klaviyo and has built-in incentives (if you want).”
  • Key features: Send requests straight from Junip, from your Email & SMS tools of choice, or prompt from onsite pages your customers visit most.
  • Pricing: Starting at $19 per month.
  • Free trial: Free plan available.
  • Integrations available: Klaviyo, Omnisend, Postscript, Google Shopping, Attentive, and Drip.

Shopify Flow

With Shopify Flow, Shopify Plus brands can automate and streamline business operations without coding. From inventory management to fraud prevention, Flow allows you to easily build custom workflows effortlessly and connect applications seamlessly.

  • Type: Workflow automation
  • Why Range Leather uses it: “Shopify Plus’s Flow app is a huge time saver. I’m just scratching the surface with this app. The one flow I have set up so far is one that auto-cancels fraud orders and slacks a certain channel to notify my team. This one flow has already saved us tens of thousands of dollars (not to mention time and frustration).”
  • Key features: Brands can leverage trigger, condition, and action building blocks to create workflows, or use workflow templates for popular use cases.
  • Pricing: Free to use as a Shopify Plus merchant.
  • Free trial: Free to use as a Shopify Plus merchant.
  • Integrations available: Slack, Email, HTTP Requests.

Shopify Launchpad

Launchpad lives within your Shopify admin. It’s a scheduling tool that empowers you to set specific start and end times for product visibility, Shopify Scripts, themes, discounts, and other elements.

  • Type: Marketing - analytics and automation
  • Why Range Leather uses it: “Shopify Plus’s Launchpad app has saved hours of work and stress for me. The reason it’s a must-have app is that it allows you to pre-build site themes for holidays and promos and then schedule them to launch automatically. What a relief not having to stay up until the early morning hours for every promo launch.”
  • Key features: Automation for your event and campaign checklists. Brands can build a campaign-specific theme to highlight on-sale products and develop line-item scripts to automatically offer a gift with purchase during the sale.
  • Pricing: Free to use as a Shopify Plus merchant.
  • Free trial: Free to use as a Shopify Plus merchant.
  • Integrations available: Shopify scripts.

7. Every Man Jack

Since the beginning, Every Man Jack has believed in using as many naturally derived and plant-based ingredients as possible. Today, the brand offers a range of men's personal care and grooming products made with naturally derived ingredients and outdoor-inspired scents.

How Every Man Jack evaluates apps for its tech stack:

“We generally source our apps by word-of-mouth and the greater DTC/Ecommerce community. Then we evaluate by ROI, obvious performance metrics, and impact on our broader goals tied to things like retention numbers, and other metrics,”  

- Troy Petrunoff, Senior Retention Marketing Manager at Every Man Jack.

Wonderment order tracking

Wonderment is an order tracking platform for brands to create completely custom order tracking experiences in minutes with a no-code, Shopify-native builder.

  • Type: Logistics - order tracking
  • Why Every Man Jack uses it: “Wonderment is fantastic for building a great customer experience because it allows us to make the order tracking page and emails useful for the customer. Our Wonderment order tracking page is always one of our Top 3 most visited pages on the site. Hosting tracking updates onsite instead of having the customer going to to see where their package is is obviously beneficial to us, and allows us to add FAQs and additional product recs on that page.”
  • Key features: Tracking pages, proactive alerts, one-click integrations, and reporting.
  • Pricing: Starting at $99 per month. Three pricing plans are available.
  • Free trial: There is no free trial.
  • Integrations available: Klaviyo, Gorgias, Postscript, Slack, Reviews Platforms, and Attentive.

Rebuy upselling

Rebuy empowers over 5,000 Shopify stores with personalized shopping experiences to boost conversions, increase order values, and retain customers through intelligent upsells, cross-sells, and follow-ups.

  • Type: Marketing - upselling and cross-selling
  • Why Every Man Jack uses it: “Rebuy has improved our AOV by about 8% thus far, and really helps us to ensure it's easy to upgrade orders to subscription orders and also to plug in product recommendations at key moments in a customer's shopping journey.”
  • Key features: Merchandising, post-purchase upsells, reorder landing pages, smart links, checkout customizations, and more.
  • Pricing: Starting at $99. There are five pricing tiers.
  • Free trial: 21-day free trial.
  • Integrations available: Rebuy has several integrations available. Some popular ones include Okendo, LoyaltyLion, Yotpo, Klaviyo, and Gorgias.
“When we migrated to Shopify back in 2022, we were looking at all of these different apps that would each address things like product recommendations, post-purchase offers, bundle cross-sells, etc. Then we found Rebuy, which does all of those things and much more (and they're adding new features faster than we can keep up).”

- Troy Petrunoff, Senior Retention Marketing Manager at Every Man Jack.

Tl;dr on the top Shopify apps

It's important to remember that every business is unique. What works wonders for one brand may not yield the same results for another.

Ultimately, the key to success lies in finding the best for your business needs, goals, and target audience.

Consider your industry, scale of operations, budget, and long-term vision when selecting Shopify apps for your tech stack. And don't be afraid to experiment, iterate, and customize your toolkit to optimize your business operations and drive growth.

If you’re looking to experiment further with reading about apps that can help you scale your business, here are a few nuggets to check out: